Cinnamon Beach Recreation Center Amenities Overview

Business Center

The business center has two computers linked to a wireless printer for guests to access their email, print boarding passes, or tickets for recreational activities in the area.

Atlantic Ocean

Cinnamon Beach sits perfectly on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. We offer 4 walk-overs for private access to the ocean for our owners and guests. Three are located in the condo area and one is located at the Ocean Pool at the Recreation Center. The view and cinnamon-colored sand is just spectacular…. Collect seashells, build sand castles, or lounge with your toes in the sand reading your favorite novel.

You can also enjoy flying kites with miles of beach to enjoy without the danger of vehicles on the beach. You will have to watch for the turtle egg nests in season, which are marked as restricted. Dogs are allowed on our beaches but you are required to pick-up their waste and keep them on a leash. We have “Doggie Stations” with plastic bags conveniently located around the community. We ask that you only leave footprints on our pristine beaches…come and enjoy!

The Cinnamon Beach Exercise Room

Our Exercise Room is conveniently located in the Recreation Center Lakeside Clubhouse. Our facility boasts 2 treadmills, 2 elliptical machines, a seated bike, a standing bike; a combination shoulder and back machine, a combination leg extension and leg curl machine, a seated abs machine and free weights. Enjoy a workout while viewing the plasma television or take a run on our beautiful cinnamon-colored beach. We offer everything to stay in-shape!

Important Information:

Opens at 6am 7 Days-a-week

Closing Times:
Jan 1 - Apr 15 8:00pm
Apr 15 - Jun 1 9:00pm
Jun 1 - Sep 1 10:00pm
Sep 1 - Oct 1 9:00pm
Oct 1 - Dec 31 8:00pm

Costs: Must be a resident or guest of Cinnamon Beach

The Cinnamon Beach Grille

The Grille is scheduled to Friday, February 5, 2021

Important Information:

Location: Lakeside Pool Area

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday - 11:00am to 4:00pm
           Closed Mondays

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The Cinnamon Beach Kids Room

Our Kids Room is perfect for kids of all ages: air hockey, fooz ball, board games, and a large screen TV all make this room a fun hangout. 

Important Information:

Schedule / Closing Times:

Jan 1    --    Apr 14    8:00pm
Apr 15  --    Jun 1      9:00pm
Jun 1    --    Sep 1    10:00pm
Sep 1    --   Oct 1      9:00pm
Oct 1    --    Dec 31   8:00pm

Location: Lakeside Clubhouse

Costs: Must be a Resident or Guest of Cinnamon Beach

The Cinnamon Beach Lakeside Pool

The Lakeside Family Pool is the perfect setting for families with kids. It offers a zero entry walk-in area. This 56,000-gallon pool reaches 5 1/2 feet and you'll find a Splash Zone play area and an adult spa just steps away from the main pool. Small children are required to wear pool diapers. Sit and relax in the lounge chairs or cabanas provided.

Important Information:

Schedule / Pool Hours:

Jan 1    --    Apr 14     9:00am - 8:00pm
Apr 15  --    Jun 1       9:00am - 9:00pm
Jun 1    --    Sep 1      9:00am - 10:00pm
Sep 1    --   Oct 1       9:00am - 9:00pm
Oct 1     --   Dec 31    9:00am - 8:00pm

Costs: Must be a resident or guest of Cinnamon Beach

The Cinnamon Beach Ocean Pool

The Oceanside 'Quiet' Pool offers a spectacular view overlooking the ocean! This 65,000-gallon pool reaches 6 feet deep and is perfect for laps. You can relax poolside on the lounges or enjoy a shaded retreat on the third floor deck. The large lawn sets picturesque views to the beach walkover with outside showers provided to wash off the sand. Children requiring diapers or swimmies are not permitted in this pool and older children are required to use their indoor voices. Floats, balls and other games are not permitted here thereby promoting a 'quieter' atmosphere for owners and guests. This pool is heated to approximately 80 degrees during the winter months.

Important Information:

Closing Time of Pool Area:

Jan 1     --    Mar 14    6:00pm
Mar 15   --    Apr 15    7:00pm
Apr 15   --    Jun 1      8:00pm
Jun 1     --    Sep 1     9:00pm
Sep 1    --    Oct 1      8:00pm
Oct 1     --    Nov 1     7:00pm
Nov 1    --    Dec 31    6:00pm

Costs: Must be a resident or guest of Cinnamon Beach

The Recreation Center Lounge

You’ll enjoy the comfortable setting a large plasma TV and a game of pool in this Adult Lounge. It is the perfect gathering place for owners and guests by the Lakeside Pool and Cinnamon Beach Grill.

Important Information:

Closing Times:

Jan 1     --     Apr 14    8:00pm
Apr 15   --     Jun 1      9:00pm
Jun 1     --     Sep 1     10:00pm
Sep 1    --     Oct 1      9:00pm
Oct 1     --     Dec 31   8:00pm

Costs: Must be a resident or guest of Cinnamon Beach